The 1600 Gallon Behemoth

Left side of the tank
Just left of center
Just right of center
Right side of tank
That red plant (ID?) in the middle is close to 1 1/2 feet tall

Just look at all that glassware! All ADA of course. You can also see the custom CO2 manifold, the fluidized bed filter, and the sump for the system here
Close-up of the manifold. That's Tygon tubing with ADA check valves.
Close up of one of the ADA bubble counters... these things are pure art
MASSIVE filtration! These are bag filters - they stand about 3 1/2 feet tall.
The 1000Gpd R/O and 700G holding tank
A shot of the lights over this tank - close to 5KW
These metal halides are 1000W each, and there are 4 of them!
It was so hard to really get a sense of scale with this tank - the anubias in the center is over a foot across
It turned out that the lights put out so much heat that a dedicated A/C unit was needed
The monster UV - I put a dollar up for size comparison
The house that this tank resides in. A huge thank you to the owner and to Tom Barr for letting us come to see the tank and especially for spending so much time talking with us about it! You guys rock!
Finally a shot of the whole tank.... Sorry for the quality, but there was no way to get around all the reflections on the front of the acrylic. I'm sure there will be much better photos once everything is completed. Some of the SCAPE members will be back to see the final product and both the house and the tank are likely to be featured in a couple of different magazines - I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this!!